personalized engraved chopsticks


Welcome to CHOPCHOP STICKS, your ultimate shop for personalized chopsticks. As a leading chopstick retailer, we specialize in custom-engraved, personalized chopsticks. We have been designing and customizing chopsticks for decades and strive to create only the finest personalized chopsticks and chopstick products for our customers. All of our chopsticks are solid hardwood, hand-selected for its quality. Our experienced artisans have taken great care to ensure that the grain of wood has been preserved, and fine-polished each piece to show its natural beauty. For exceptional engraving result, we have blended old fashioned care and attention, and skilled craftsmanship, with state-of-the-art laser engraving equipments. Looking for a unique wedding gift? Or simply want to treat your sushi pals? Come have fun browsing our personalized creations and start customizing an amazing chopstick gift of your own.


We have the largest and the best selection of chopstick accessories. No matter what your budget is, your choices are aplenty - ranging from 25 cents cellophane pouch to extravagant ebony case. Best of all, you can choose to personalize them as well to match your custom engraved chopsticks, if you wish. As we understand that you and your loved ones will enjoy these beautifully engraved chopsticks for years to come, most of our products are proficiently designed and crafted in the US with ultra premium materials and sold exclusively at our shop. We welcome orders, big or small, around the globe. Should you purchase a few sets of personalized chopstick products, we normally manufacture and ship in 1-2 business days. In fact, most of our US customers receive our package within one week. Should you urgently require a large number of personalized engraved chopsticks for your Asian-themed wedding or event, we are just one phone call (or email) away. Our customer service team would love to answer any questions you may have or simply take your order over the phone/email. Don't forget - personalize or not is your choice - we also have an awesome collection of non-personalized chop sticks (i.e. without custom engraving) at lower price point and shipped instantly.

personalized chopsticks
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