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about chopchop sticks
CHOPCHOP STICKS is incorporated in South Carolina and operates from Fort Mill in South Carolina, USA. Its customers are truly international and come from around the globe. The majority of our customers however come from the United States.

High Quality and excellence of service have been the cornerstone of the formation and success of our company. We provide our customers with products that have been selected with great care. The wood from which chopsticks have been made is of the highest quality and includes beautiful Ivorywoods and Ironwoods from the Asia Pacific region. We have taken great care to ensure excellence in every detail. The workmanship in the shaping and polishing is continuously supervised to ensure that it is compliant with our high standards. For engraving we have blended old fashioned care and attention, and skilled craftsmanship, with hi-tech laser engraving solutions. Computer controlled lasers ensure that every customer receives an item we are proud to deliver and which our customers are proud to use.

Good service is the focus of the management team. CHOPCHOP STICKS believes that from the moment a customer logs on to our site, to the moment that the selected items are delivered to our customers, that it must be a rewarding experience. A good range of selections, ease of use in the ordering process, combined with ensuring that consumer expectations in respect of delivery times are met, are vital and are constantly monitored.

In an ongoing effort to enhance our customers experience we invite you to submit any comments or ideas you may have. These ideas may be for further improvements to any aspect of our products or services and indeed for any broadening of our product range. Please do not hesitate to submit your suggestions to us at manager@chopchopsticks.com.

What our customers say about our products and services?

"Wow! Thank you so much for the incredible customer service and speed. These made the perfect gift and were absolutely stunning and of high quality. Thank you so much!"
Adam Pryor, Austin, TX

"Hi Ashley, I have received the box with the chopsticks, it's GREAT :) Thanks a lot and best regards, Carlos Vega."
Carlos Vega, Spain

"Thanks! Everything turned out perfectly. I'll definitely recommend you in the future. ~ Nicolas"
Nicolas Cordero, New York

"Dear ChopChopSticks,Just got my order in yesterday and they are beautiful!! They are exactly what I was expecting and wanting. I can't wait for our wedding guests to get a pair. Can't thank you enough for these! Thank you!! -Haley"
Haley Salinas, Massachusetts

"I just received my order and it is perfect! The entire experience dealing with your company was amazing. I shop online A LOT and this is by far the BEST experience I have had purchasing products online to date. Thank you thank you thank you!"
Meghan Somerville, Canada

"Hi Ashley, Just to let you know I have since received the chopsticks. They are perfect!!! Done just as how I wanted it!!! Many thanks Candy"
Candy Wong, London UK

"Just wanted to say Thanks!! He Loves the chopsticks!! :)"
Jennifer Sultenfuss, Texas

"ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE !!! Thank you, Tony"
Tony Vytuvis, New York

"To whom it may concern, I just want to express to you what tremendous job of service Ashley did On December 24th for me and my family. I had a business for twenty five years and we prided ourselves in customer service. What Ashley did in representing your business in how she handled my crisis was exemplary . She would have made any company proud of how she handle her business and attn to detail . She obviously cares deeply about her job , your company, and both of your futures. Thanks again for your great service. The product was just as good as the service. You all have very bright futures. Great work to all! Tim Telliard, Managing Director"
Tim Telliard, California

"THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I just received my personalized chopsticks for my boyfriend's father this weekend. Thank you for rushing the order for me, and getting them here so fast. They are so cute! Your customer service is amazing. I'm reccommending to everyone!!"
Stacie Marano, New York

"Thank you for getting these done so quickly! They look great! Bev"
Beverly Picardo, Chilipepper Dining, California

"Hi there, I recently placed an order with Ashley over the phone for three pairs of customized chop sticks. Not only was the customer service thorough and friendly throughout the ordering process, but the final result was impeccable. I am pleased with my custom chopsticks and how fast the order was created and shipped! So glad to see a local business making offering a unique service on a wide scale! Highly recommended as a cool gift! - Brian N., Charlotte, NC"
Brian Novak, Charlotte NC

"To whom it may concern; My chopstick box and chopsticks just arrived, less than an hour ago. Needless to say, I am delighted with everything. The box is beautiful, both elegant and tasteful. I shall carry and use it with the assurance that it will most likely be the classiest (if not the only) one in the restaurant. The chopsticks are also very nice they are nicely understated and well made and finished. I was pleased to receive them so quickly, and somewhat surprised, what with the holidays being upon us. From what I have seen, up until I stumbled on your website, yours is very much a niche business. I certainly hope that it is a howling success, as your products are beautiful, and your service is extraordinary. Sincerely Richard"
Richard C. Gaskill, Connecticut

"Hello Ashley, I wanted to let you know the chopsticks were waiting when I got home from work today! Just in time for our anniversary, which is tomorrow. ;) They are perfect! Thank you SO much for the extra effort to use the font, because they are just beautiful. :) The script may be delicate, but you made sure it came out totally clear and readable. I can't wait to give them to Matthew, he'll be so surprised! Thanks again. <3 Sincerely, Jessica Schofield"
Jessica Schofield, Pennsylvania

"I received them and I love how they turned out! Thank you so very much."
Ashley Cameron, California

"Hi Ashley, The chopsticks arrived today! I was so surprised they were delivered so quickly. Everything is perfect, more gorgeous than I imagined. Thank you so much for all your excellent work! all the best, Shireen"
Shireen Chan, Australia

"Hello Ashley, Just got home and the package was delivered. The chopsticks look great :) I would like to thank you and your company for the excellent service! Greetings from a very satisfied customer, Rudie."
Rudie Post, The Netherlands

"We received them today! Love them! Thank you so much."
Josefa Apigo, Arizona, 8/23/2012
"It was a hit!!! Thank you so much!"
Josefa Apigo, Arizona

"...thanks again for your speedy processing of our order and helping to follow up with FedEx. All went well and my son's business associates liked their chopsticks! Sincerely, Merrily Gumpel"
Merrily Gumpel, California

"I just wanted to say thank you for such a nice product and such a great turnaround time. I ordered two set of engraved chopsticks for my wife and I for our anniversary. I was afraid they weren't going to get here in time, but you had them delivered within three days of ordering. That is quite impressive!!! Also, they are very nice and the wife was very pleased with her gift. He had been talking about getting nice sticks because I hate throwing away the disposable ones you get at a restaurant. Your product worked out very nicely for both purposes. Thanks again."
Daniel Cline, Florida

"Thank you! They came on Saturday and they look wonderful! I'm giving them as a gift soon and I can't wait to make sushi so he can use them! :) Great job!"
Rachel Smith, California

"Thank you for your speedy processing of my order! I am amazed and thrilled and can't thank you enough for helping me do something so special for my wonderful husband on our anniversary. I figured it was a lost cause that I would have the personalized chopsticks in time for the special dinner we will be enjoying on 07/07/12. Did you know that the 5th-year anniversary is wood gifts? I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled! (You can quote me on that!) ~Namaste~ Amy McGilvrey"
Amy McGilvrey, Illinois

"I just received my personalized chopsticks and they are absolutely beautiful! They arrived very quickly and were exactly as I imagined them to be. The price was right as well. I know how important it is for businesses to have good feedback and would like to tell others of the great service I received. Is there a place on your site or on the web that you would prefer me to leave a very positive review of your products and great service? When I ordered, I couldn't find any reviews, but took a chance because your website was well put together and looked professional. I am so glad I chose Chop Chopsticks for my best friend's going away gift! I will recommend your business to everyone. Thank you again!"
Jessica Beale, Florida

"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful chopsticks made quickly and shipped most expeditiously for our 50th birthday party. They made quite an impression on our guests! We will come to you for sure for our next special event!"
Heather Kitching, California

"I just receive my package and it really looks great! Thank you for all the effort. Best Regards, Ying"
Ying Jun Cheng, The Netherlands

"I received them! They look good. Thanks for shipping them to us so quickly. I am sure that we will be ordering more in the future."
Johnna Yoder, East Asia Institute, Oklahoma

"I received my chopsticks today, it's great. Here's a pic I took ! I will for sure buy again. Thank you very much !"
Elodie Ralambosoa, France

"I was blown away by these! Thank you so much. They arrived so quick as well! My boyfriends birthday is Friday and I was so excited that I had to give them to him already. He loves them. Thanks again! Jessica"
Jessica Cotrell, Kentucky

"I got the chopsticks :) They look amazing! Thanks Guys!"
Toria Bobbitt, Washington DC

"Picked up the chop sticks on Friday, they looked fantastic ! Thank you very much for all your help and good luck for the future :)"
Christopher Dunnett, UK

"The personalized chop sticks arrived with no problem (they look AMAZING) thank you.....I gave my wife the personalized chopsticks (she was speechless by the way)....I will be sure to let all my friends know about your site and how wonderful you have been to help me."
Orlando Antongiorgi, Ohio

"Thank you so much for my order! They are truly beautiful! I got them on Saturday, just like you said and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you for all of your work and patience to make sure this rush order was to my satisfaction. They are perfect!"
Piper Mensone, South Carolina

"Our order arrived a few minutes ago. My fiancee actually started crying when she saw the chopsticks w/engravings and the pouches they were in. She believes they are the most unique and special reception gifts she's ever seen. We'll let you know how our guests feel after our wedding! Thank you for the beautiful chopsticks and quick turnaround! This has been the easiest and most stress-free item on our 'to-do' list. We really appreciate that."
Chris Kesling, Virgina

"Thanks very much. The chopsticks have arrived. Very nicely made thank you."
Sandra Wendlandt, Australia

"I just recieved the chopsticks that I ordered for my son, Luke. I LOVE THEM!!! They are so beautiful! I will be going to visit him in February and am very excited to be giving these to him. I know he will love them too. He travels around a lot and the case is perfect to have. I'm sure he'll treasure them. They're very special. Thank you so much. I will spread the word about you."
Diane DeStefano, Rhone Island

"Hello! Thank you so much for the beautiful chopsticks (with Hebrew words and a fish made from keyboard symbols!) and monogrammed box! They were a gift from my daughter to her boyfriend, and everyone was truly delighted---he absolutely loves the special, personalized chopsticks! Your attention to detail was outstanding and your service was impressively quick; we are truly appreciative! Many thanks and best wishes,"
Cara Dolfen, New Hampshire

"THANK YOU for creating the beautiful dark wood chopsticks with the equally beautiful Japanese "Love" symbol. My friend who received them just loved them and can't wait to use them on his next trip to Japan."
Valerie Ziegler, Delaware

"Our chopsticks arrived this morning and they are everything we had hoped for. Thank you for the excellent customer service, quick shipping, and high quality products. Happy Holidays,"
Robert & Lindsey Hulsey, Arkansas

"I just wanted to tell you that I have received my chopsticks and they have turned out excellent! Thank you for all the work and for consistently following up with me. You guys are great!"
Omar Khan, Toronto

"I received them. They are great. You did an excellent job. I am sure Wyatt will be both surprise and thrilled."
Suzanne Brown, Utah

"We received the chop sticks and they look wonderful. Thank YOU!"
Maureen Steiner, Virgina

"I wanted to let you know that I received your package today and must say that I am very pleased! You do a wonderful job~ Thank you again."
Becky Mole, Ohio

"...Thank you. The chopsticks are perfect."
Arlene Yaakov, Canada

"I got home last night only to find my beautiful chopsticks, they actually came out better than I imagined and they are beautiful. Thank you for all your help."
Jennet Besim, Australia

"Just to let you know that the chop sticks have arrived and look great! Thank you very much for arranging that for us."
Samantha White, Cantab Captial Partners, UK

"I did receive the chopsticks earlier today. The mailman actually delivered to the correct house for once! =) They are absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad I was able to talk to you last Saturday and get everything done so they would arrive here on time. I never did end up telling my husband about them. I plan to not only surprise my parents and his parents, but also surprise him with the personalized chopsticks in the chopstick boxes. They will love them and I'm sure our guests will be equally impressed with them. I wanted to thank you for getting everything done so quickly and also tying those blue ribbons on. I don't think I would have been able to do such a nice job myself. I do plan on ordering 3 pairs of personalized chopsticks and personalized chopstick boxes in honor of my daughter's birth. They are beautiful and I want to have a set to keep for ourselves and for the grandparents. She is almost 3-years-old so it won't be a rush order like this one. It'll just be for keepsake. =) Once everything settles down I'll be back on your website to place this order. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with everything and will be recommending your company to my friends. Thank you again and best wishes to you!"
Camlinh Tong, San Diego

"Thanks so much, they really look great!...will you save the MK logo for me? I'll probably do other events with you..."
Lee Sporn of Michael Kors, NY

"I just received the chopsticks!!! I am so extremely happy, they are amazing....and I can't wait to share them with our guests at our wedding next year! Thanks a million!"
Cindy Pavlas, AK

"My sister loved the chopsticks, thank you so much xx"
Lucy Fennell, London

"Got the chopsticks yesterday. They are absolutely perfect, exactly how I wanted. I just love them. Thank you again for all your help with my order. It's been great doing business with you and I hope to ordering from you in the near future soon. Cheers, Jane"
Jane Law, Australia

"I just received the chopsticks, they look great. I'd like to get some quotes for doing the same but with gold fill, and possibly black with gold fill for the next round in the future. Thanks again, they look fantastic."
Heath Friedland of SageBombGarage, CA

"They came today, they look gorgeous, thanks so much!!!! I will take a pic and post it on my blog too in hopes of helping the company out."
Richard Schmitt of the Health Sleuth, PA

"I received the chopsticks yesterday - they are lovely. Thank you so much."
Lynda MacDermott of Final-Word.com, London

"Ashley, I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how well the chopsticks were received at my sister's bridal shower. They were an absolute hit and my sis has been raving about them ever since. All the guests thought the chopsticks were a fabulous idea. Everyone loved the simple and elegant design, and noted the high quality of the craftsmanship of the chopsticks. My sister was over the moon when she discovered that I had reserved 24 extra pairs for her and her fiancee to use at home! Thank so you much for your patience and assistance in the design of the chopsticks. Your recommendation of having the double happiness symbol on both chopsticks really balanced out the entire design. Thank you again, and in the future, I would definitely recommend your services and the Chopchopsticks company to others. Sincerely, Patricia Lee"
Patricia Lee, Boston

"You were the only place we could find to do a single order of customized chop sticks. We are very impressed with the quality of the work and how quickly the order was delivered. Thank you"
Derl Hicks, Kansas

"The chopsticks and your workmanship are gorgeous! Thanks, Sala"
Sala Kannan, website owner of VeggieBelly.com

"Suk: I am so sorry for not saying this earlier, but I am so happy with the chop sticks you created for my boyfriend and I. The chopsticks are gorgeous!!!!! I am very much looking forward to putting them in his Easter basket. Have a great day. Melissa"
Melissa Bridge, New Jersey

"Chopsticks came in today! Thank you so much! They were perfect! Will definitely reccomend you!"
Matt Allen-Rincon, California

"Hello Ashley and Sara, I just wanted to thank you, the chopsticks turned out beautiful! All of myguests absolutely loved them. Thank you for the prompt and professional service, I appreciate it!"
Leah Moreno, California

"I was so impressed by the quality and fast shipment of my order! I'm so pleased with my experience, thank you so much! I will definitely recommend my friends to your website. :)"
Josh Rankin, Indiana

"The chopsticks are really awesome and of great quality :) So thanks a lot for your time ^^ "
Jolien Donlou, Netherlands

"Hi Ashley, I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived yesterday. And the Chop Sticks are exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for all your hard work."
Bernard Ihnatowicz, London

"Hi ChopChop Stick, I'm absolutely amazed at your work! I received your package today (incredibly fast) and it is more amazing than I expected! I can't thank you enough for everything. You have been incredible in helping me through the process and the result is nothing less than extraordinary. :D I wish you the best and thank you SO MUCH! You are wonderful! Forever grateful, Byanka ^_^ "
Byanka Uvalle, Atlanta

"They look amazing so thanks so much."
Carter Reum, California, 8/31/10

"Hi Suk, I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know I received the overnight chopsticks and they look fantastic."
Michelle Brammer, Genji, Inc, Philadelphia

"The customer service is amazing here. You are very considerate and I want you to know that I have never had such great service from a company before. Thank you very much! I'm so very excited to see the final product!! Thank you for making this process so easy. Have a great weekend!"
Jenn Iwaqoshi, California

"I received the chopsticks today. I'm thrilled! They look absolutely wonderful and will certainly make our party SO much more special! Thank you for all your help and excellent service!"
"... did I email you to thank you for the chopsticks? They look amazing! I can't wait to hand them out at my daughter's birthday party. Thanks again (and for getting them to us with plenty of time to spare)."
Judy Chung, California

"... we did receive them on Friday. Thank you so much, they look fantastic!"
Lauren Wasley, LexPR, Canada

"I received the chopsticks today and they look fantastic! Thank you!"
Jamie Saltos, KATCO, California

"I received the chopsticks on Monday -- thank you!!! They are perfect!!"
Cynthia Hendrickson, Arkansas

"We received our chopsticks today. They are beautiful! Thank you so much!"
Debbie Tanaka, Nevada

"The chopsticks and their box arrived safely in my mail today. They look fabulous, I'm sure my husband will love them. Thanks again, and happy holidays!"
Brooke Ballantyne, BC Canada

"They came in yesterday. They're AWESOME. I can't wait to give them to Peter. Thank you!"
Jennifer Gerardi, Rhode Island

"I just wanted to let you know that the gift arrived safely yesterday and it is lovely! Thanks so much for this and for reaching out to make sure it was correct before sending-that personal touch is really awesome! Happy Holidays!"
Jacqueline Valle, Texas

"Yes I did get [the chopsticks] and I LOVE them! They are so beautiful! ... Thank you so much for your fabulous service!"
Aaryn Calhoun, New York

"I received the chop sticks today, and my wife and I love them! Thank you so much."
Ed Manning II, Alaska

"... they are BEAUTIFUL! Truly fantastic. Thank you."
Jackie Eisen, Southern Wine & Spirits, Florida

"First of all I have to thank you for the chopsticks - they were a total hit! We are thinking about ordering some more as so many people wanted more than one pair that we don't have any for ourselves. The red ribbon on dark wood worked really well and we had a really nice time tying them up at the poolside in the spa :-) Thanks again "
Fiona Falcone, London

"We have received the chopsticks, they are lovely!!!"
Sally Dang, London

"i have received the order, and thank you they look great."
Sonia Simich, London

"We are thrilled with the chopsticks which arrived Friday! Thanks so much for your creativity, too, with the holder. They really make a special gift for our staff."
Jane Wilhelm, Radio Free Asia, Washington DC

"I LOVE them! They are beautiful! :) "
Amy Plowe, New York, 11/19/2009

"We just received the order and we are so happy with the product. Thank you for your service."
Nicole Barreto, Optime Consulting, Florida

"We got the chopsticks and they look absolutely beautiful! He LOVED them, thanks again!"
Amber Saunders, New York

"I have received the package. Again, thank you for all your help, they look great!"
Mary Dickie-Clark, Canada

"I have received the chopsticks this morning. They look very nice and professional."
Nicole Whc, Palace Garden Restaurant, Newcastle, United Kingdom

"The chopsticks were an absolute hit!!! Thanks again for everything!"
Kimberley Mullings, Southern Wine & Spirits, Florida

"I received the chopsticks friday, March 6. I like them very much and I showed my fiance and he likes it too...we will order chopsticks to give as gifts to the guests
[an eastern inspired buffet at our wedding]"

Veerle Serbruyns ordered "Everything" Sample Pack, Belgium