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1. Chopstick Quantity       Pairs      Price

2. Add CHOPCHOP Asian Symbol         Quantity

3. Add CHOPCHOP Graphic Design      Quantity

4. Add Foreign Language                            Quantity            

5. Add Custom Artwork                              Quantity            
     Email your artwork file to info@chopchopsticks.com

6. Engraving Text*       Personalization Ideas

     Each Asian Symbol or Graphic Design comes with a preassigned code, such as A01, G12, etc.
     Please use the codes to indicate which Symbol / Design you choose and their position(s).

     Please use "FL" (foreign language) or "CA" (custom artwork) to represent their engraving

     custom engraving

Chopstick #1

Chopstick #2
Each chopstick is limited to 32 characters including spaces.
             * Engraved text ends at the widest part of chopstick. For left handed users or special layout, see FAQ.
             * Two lines of engraving will be centered. For explanation & options, see FAQ.

7. Font

(Email us the font file if you select "Other")

lightwood custom lettering