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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy at ChopChopSticks?

At ChopChopSticks, we are a true chopstick company, which is dedicated to chopstick products. We design, make and sell all our signature products, and you can only find them exclusively at our store. This is our business; we care and concern as much as our customers do in respects to what and how the final products look like and are delivered, unlike all other "middle man" merchants you can find on the web.

We sell QUALITY engraved chopsticks and REAL chopstick boxes. We're sure you can find a lower price somewhere else. However, we can never stress enough that there are a lot of poor quality chopstick products across the web. Over years, many internet merchants try to mimic our products and designs. In order to lure customers into buying, many middle-man merchants offer to engrave everything and anything free of charge, including Asian symbols, graphics and logos. If you pay attention to their website, they clearly state "No returns or exchanges". Well, it's no brainer why they put the disclaimer there. Once you make a purchase, they can give you whatever bad products, and basically they take your money and run.

Let's talk about the chopsticks. Not all chopsticks are created equal for engraving. First, high-gloss lacquered chopsticks are definitely not suitable for engraving because, once the lacquer is cut open, it chips off easily. Avoid buying engraved chopsticks in artificial colors like red, black, green, white, pearl, etc. - because they are highly lacquered. A great example is the "Double Happiness" chopsticks, which actually many internet merchants engrave and sell!

When it comes to engraving, it's all about precision. We calibrate and engrave each chopstick individually to deliver unparalleled clarity that no company can come close to match. We engrave each chopstick 2 to 3 passes to ensure your personalized words/image to come through nice and even. If you look closely at other retailers’ chopsticks, you may see that some personalized words or alphabets do not even come through or one side of the engraving is darker than another. When browsing around, you will also find that they put a disclaimer somewhere warning you no refunds or exchanges. In some instances, they even say the engraving may have legibility issues! At ChopChopSticks, we are so confident that you will be happy with our engraved chopsticks. We offer our customers MONEY BACK GURANTEE. (Try ask money-back guarantee from other merchants?!). In our long history of making chopsticks, our money-back guarantee policy has never been used. Instead, our customers overwhelm us with positive feedbacks and compliments daily. Click below to read our reviews:

Testimonials -- customers send us thank-you note daily
Etsy Review -- over 100 reviews & 100% positive
Google Review
Yahoo Review


What is laser engraving?

Laser technology delivers the highest quality and precision available in the world of engraving. It uses a beam of light as the engraving tool, comparably similar to that used by eye surgeons to perform Lasik surgery. The system is computer controlled and transforms images on the computer screen onto the object to be engraved (i.e. wooden chopsticks in our case).The resulting image is always exceptionally crisp and accurate.
However, not all laser engravings are created equal. What sets us apart is the quality of our engraving work. Many of our customers notice that our engraved images look superb. The secret is that we only use low-power heat to engrave and engrave the same image several times. Multiple engraving passes create a nice indent of the image, opposed to a burning black image generated by one-pass high-heat technique.


Not sure what to engrave on the chopsticks?

Visit our personalization ideas and photo gallery for great inspiration!


Is it possible to engrave more than 32 characters on a chopstick?

Yes. Two ways to do it: (1) reduce font size to yield more character spaces, and/or (2) “steal” more area on the chopstick to engrave. We'll make our best efforts to engrave as many characters as you wish, the only thing is that we charge $10 per character and/or space in excess of 32 character spaces. For instance, chopstick#1, you need 34 character spaces, and chopstick#2, you need 33 character spaces. The extra charge is going to be $30 ($20 for chopstick#1 plus $10 for chopstick#2).


Can you engrave foreign languages?

Absolutely, we engrave foreign languages all the time. You can just copy and paste your foreign text into our Chopstick #1 and/or Chopstick #2 area when ordering online. Since we already have our computer system tuned to most Asian languages, we probably can see your input correctly. If we feel unsure about what we see, we'll contact you with a visual proof to confirm everything.


Can you engrave a logo or artwork?

Many artworks do not engrave well on chopsticks, as the engravable area is so narrow and small! But some work just fine, especially the more simple, clear, outlined ones.

Examples of artwork that engrave well:

Examples of artwork that don't engrave well:

   Too complex!                Photos won't work!

For logos and other drawn designs, we prefer vector file submitted in the following formats: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, SVG, Postscript, Freehand, EPS. Photoshop, TIFF, and EPS are also good formats and should be at least 300 dpi. JPEG format will work only if it is high resolution and has no or low compression. JPEGs and images taken straight from web sites are generally too poor of quality and resolution to make a nice engraving. We are happy to review your logo, free of charge, and make recommendations. Please email us at info@chopchopsticks.com. A setup fee of $50 applies to each logo or artwork per order. Prior to the engraving process, we will email you a proof for your approval. For most logos/artworks, we'll engrave as many times as you require for your order. However, for some complex logos/artworks, we may limit to engrave them upto certain times. We'll advise you in the process if you're required to pay extra for logo engraving.

~ You don't have to crop or resize your graphic file because we'll do that for you ~


Do you offer other font types?

What about bold or italic?

Instead of using bold, we typically choose the largest font size possible for a given text because bold usually turns out over-powering on a small engraving area and doesn't work well. If you wish certain words to stand out more, we can try to use a slightly larger font to make them a bit more distinctive compared to the rest. Times New Roman is available for italicizing, but not other listed fonts on our website! Please specify your request in Comments/Instructions when ordering online.


Can you translate the language for me?

We're more than happy to help if you let us know what you'd like to translate.

You can also check out Google's translation site. We find it very useful to translate almost all languages.
You may copy and paste your translated foreign text into the "Personalized Engraving" boxes on the order form.


Can you color-fill my engraving?

For our Dark Wood chopsticks, we're currently offering gold-fill and silver-fill. If you prefer a different color or would like to color-fill our lighter tone chopsticks, please contact us. We'll try our best to fulfill your requirements. Extra charge may apply.


How can I order personalized chopsticks for left-handed users or can you engrave vertically?

Our default setup is to engrave for right-handed users. Engraved text ends at the widest part of chopstick, as illustrated below.

Chopstick #1: MATTHEW A04
Chopstick #2: STOWERS A05

For left handed users, we offer to engrave in a reversed orientation, as illustrated below, with a one-time setup fee of $8 per order. Please state your request in Comments/Instructions when ordering online.

Chopstick #1: A04 MATTHEW
Chopstick #2: A05 STOWERS

Engrave your text vertically is a good choice especially if you don't know the recipient is left-handed or right-handed. Besides, vertical engraving makes Asian characters look great! A one-time setup fee of $8 applies per order. Please state your request in Comments/Instructions after entering your credit card information at checkout.

Chopstick #1: A04 MATTHEW
Chopstick #2: A05 STOWERS


To be "centered" or "right-aligned"?



Our default is to center your personalized engraving. If prefer your engraving to be right-aligned, please instruct us to do so at checkout. We can do either way at no additional charge. You can always request a proof at checkout so you'll know exactly how it looks like before we start the engraving job.


Do your chopsticks come with any label wrappers or stickers?

No, our chopsticks do not come with any label wrappers or stickers, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your nails or spending nights of taking them off prior to your big event! For years, many customers have told us their horrific stories of peeling off those nasty stickers for chopsticks they got elsewhere! About one inch of the label peels off, leaving a mass amount of sticky residue and paper still plastered to the side, etc.! As a matter of fact, our chopsticks are specially designed and made for personalized engraving. No wrappers or stickers allow us to position your personalized engraving correctly. We normally engrave the personalized saying to the almost very top of the chopsticks, leaving only a bit little of spacing at the end.


Can you engrave my own chopsticks?

Sorry not usually! Because all chopsticks are different in size, texture and length, it's very high cost for us to adjust the engraving system! In exceptional circumstances we can do this but there is a $475 additional set up fee per order (for each type of chopsticks given) in addition to the normal charges in our price lists.


Do you offer chopstick box or other chopstick storage?

We offer great selection of chopstick boxes. You can even have them personalized engraved. In addition, we also carry chopstick pouches made of leather, Chinese brocade silk satin and vellum paper. If you're buying a bunch, we would highly recommend our cellophane pouch (25 cents each), which is not only affordable, but also showcases your engraved chopsticks beautifully. We're working on a full line of exclusive chopstick accessories. If you're looking for something that you can't find on our website, we welcome your suggestions. Remember, check back later!


Do you spell-check or proofread my engraving text?

No, we don't. Our personalization philosophy is that customers can write whatever they want - we're not going to change a word or even a letter!


Will you make any spacing adjustments to my personalization text?

Yes, our engraving designer may adjust the spacing of your text or your chosen artwork in order to make it fit well on the chopsticks.


Can I put chopsticks in the dishwasher?

Not recommended. It's best to wipe the chopsticks clean with a mild detergent and water. Dry thoroughly with soft kitchen cloth. Store away from sunlight in a well ventilated place.


Will I get a volume discount if I order in bulk?

We welcome orders in any size, big or small. For custom chopsticks, please click onto the Price link in our personalized chopsticks web page for price break information. For non-custom chopsticks, we offer special discount for orders over 100 pairs. Please email us with the following information. We'll reply with our best quote.

  1. the type(s) of the product
  2. the quantity
  3. personalization specifications, if custom chopsticks
  4. shipping address
  5. required date of delivery, and
  6. your contact phone number


Can I place my order by phone or email?

Email: info@chopchopsticks.com
Phone: (803) 548-2573 (M-F 9am - 7pm, Sat 9am - noon)
If you place your order by phone, please kindly email us your engraving text in writing to ensure accuracy.


Do I need to pay sales tax?

Only if you have your order shipped to South Carolina. In that case, your order total including shipping & handling will be subject to South Carolina sales tax.


Tax-exempt organization

If your order is not shipped to South Carolina, it doesn't matter because we don't charge sales tax to orders shipped outside of South Carolina anyway. If you're a tax-exempt organization and require delivery of your order within South Carolina, you will need to email us a scanned copy of your tax-exempt certificate. Or, call us at (803) 548-2573 if you need further assistance.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card). If you prefer Square Cash or PayPal, we can send you a link to pay. You can also mail us a check or a money order. The work on your order commences upon clearance of your personal / company check. All charges/payments are in US dollars. ~ For large transactions, we reserve the right to determine what payment method we can accept. ~