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monogrammed chopsticks

Complete your chopstick gift with this beautiful chopstick box!
This wooden chopstick box made of solid walnut wood best compliments our Personalized Darkwood Chopsticks

Hand-crafted by our local artisan one a time in South Carolina, USA, this box fits snug one pair of chopsticks. It's the most elegant way to present your personalized chopsticks as a gift!

chop chop sticks logo  Made of solid walnut in ebony finish
chop chop sticks logo  Fit snug one pair of chopsticks
chop chop sticks logo  Hand-made in South Carolina, USA
chop chop sticks logo  Stylish, portable profile slips easily into suitcase or handbag
chop chop sticks logo  A finger-relief facilitates the ease of opening
chop chop sticks logo  Soft interior lining (black) protects chopsticks
chop chop sticks logo  External dimensions: 9 3/8" L x 1 3/8" W x 7/8" H
chop chop sticks logo  Slim hinged design, only weigh 3.5 oz
chop chop sticks logo  Fit most 9" chopsticks, not included
chop chop sticks logo  We have limited quantity of this product due to the fact they're hand-crafted one at a time. We reserve the right to give priority to the customers who purchase it with our personalized chopsticks.

For 1-initial monograms: Depending on your preference, this can be the first letter of one's first name or last (family) name.

For 2-initial monograms: Sequence initials, first, last. Example: the monogram for Charles Morgan would be CM as shown below.

For 3-initial monograms: Depending on your preference, the initials can either go in the same order as the name or place the last (family) name in the middle.

All monogram letters are the same size, capitalized & they will be engraved in the center of the box, unless otherwise instructed.

  chopstick monogram

Monogram (1-3 letters):


Other Engraving (25 characters max.):

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