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Chopstick Pouches for Your Custom Chopsticks

Your personalized chopsticks won't be complete without accessories! Similar to chopstick sleeves, we have chopstick pouches that protect your personalized chopsticks and also make for a lovely presentation. Just as elegant as chopstick sleeves, our pouches are translucent vellum ivory-white, with an embedded linen pattern perfectly designed to compliment any table settings, and come in three different stylish designs. The first in the picture is our gorgeous "All Occasions" chopstick pouch with gold floral design on both sides of the pouch. The second is our "Best Wishes" chopstick pouch that works excellent for almost all gatherings or dinner events. Our popular third is the wedding chopstick pouch with the inscription, "Thank you for Sharing Our Special Day." You may also choose a simple, clear cellophane chopstick pouch for just $0.35.