chopstick silk pouch

CHOPSTICK SILK POUCH                                $ 4.95

Brocade silk fabric is an iconic symbol of the East. For centuries, oriental ladies have embraced the elegant, mandarin-collar cheongsam dresses (Qipao) made of beautiful brocade fabrics.

What better way to romanticize the dining atmosphere than to dress up chopsticks with brocade silk pouches! Not only will these pouches compliment your oriental dress in the special event, but they will also complete your chopsticks with a gorgeous look! These pouches are tailored to fit our entire selection of personalized-engraved as well as non-personalized chopsticks.

  4 shimmering colors: pink, burgundy, scarlet red & silvery white
  Made of Chinese brocade satin fabric
  Fabric has cherry blossom and bamboo leaves pattern
  Cherry & bamboo pattern varies on each pouch
  A matching mandarin knot tastefully bound to each pouch
  Hand-sewn in South Carolina, USA
  Approximately 7 inches long
  Need large quantity? Please order ahead of time. May take up to 3 weeks